Husband, Father, Son, Believer

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.  Growing up grateful to God that the influences inside the home were stronger than the influences on the outside. Parents raised me to believe in myself, be strong, be caring, and most importantly trust and believe in God for all things. I have been married to my Beautiful Wife for over 10 years and together we have three Lovely Daughters that give us much joy and happiness. God has truly blessed the family and we surely do our best to take advantages of the opportunities that God has provided.  Over my life, God has truly shown up in many ways and I am grateful. 
I have always had dreams. Dreams give us something to reach for. No matter how big or small, we see what can be. The real pleasure comes in taking that dream and with the help of God, making it a reality. 
This site will give me the space I need to be creative and showcase my creativity. Whether it may be from my modeling, acting or photography. I also plan to use this space to begin a journey or writing. Writing has been the thing I wanted to avoid the most, but felt it was time to get the thoughts out my head. My blog/writing will be mostly my perspective on fatherhood. The joy, the challenges, the excitement and purpose that comes with it.

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